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Subscribe and Save! After the success of our recent 3 for 2 Liquid Garliq offer, we are continuing to share the benefits of our Liquid Garliq with you, by allowing NEW subscribers in June the chance to try it for FREE! Garlic powders and granules just don’t provide the same level of results as a liquid version.

 *Offer not valid with Garliq supplement itself and Carrot and Apple Calm Syringes. New subscriptions for ALL our other products get a FREE Garliq Supplement. 

Advantages of our Subscription Service
     ✔ No strings attached
     ✔Easy to set up, adjust, and manage yourself, you can always call us for help if needed on 0114 266 6200, during office hours.
     ✔Bring orders forwards if you’re running out, or skip orders if you’re collecting too much.
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   ✔1 product on subscription = 10% discount.
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    Advantages of Liquid Garliq
    ☞ Organic ingredients.
    Natural fly repellent excreted through the pores of your horse. Liquid Garliq can’t be washed off like fly spray in a summer rain shower, or rubbed off by a fly rug.
    Absorbed into the bloodstream faster, and more efficiently than powders and granules.
    More palatable for the horse than powders or granules.
    Contains powerful anti-oxidants and a respiratory supplement, supporting your horse’s immune system.
    Aids the clearance of mucus from the airways, and relieves the symptoms of coughs.



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