Stallion SPM-20: Fertility Supplement
Stallion SPM-20: Fertility Supplement

Stallion SPM-20: Fertility Supplement

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Stallion SPM-20 is a natural supplement for stallions created to aid fertility. The product of a two-year research collaboration between Blue Chip Feed and Stallion AI Services Ltd, the UK’s leading stallion semen collection centre.


Aiding sperm motility and velocity, ensuring that the sperm travel quickly through the mare’s reproductive system to the oocyte (egg), alongside aiding sperm viability, ensuring that the sperm cell membrane remains intact throughout it’s journey through the mare’s reproductive system to the oocyte (egg).

Stallion SPM-20 has been created to meet the specific needs of breeding stallions. Made with the highest quality ingredients using only organic/chelated minerals where possible, ensuring optimal absorption and utilisation.

Active ingredients include Organic Selenium, L-Carnitine, Nucleotides, Yucca and Antioxidants.

Throughout product testing, improvements have been seen on both fertile and sub-fertile stallions alike.


Blue Chip Feed, the internationally renowned Equine Feed Balancer specialists, and Stallion AI Services Ltd, the UK’s leading stallion semen collection centre, worked closely over two years to develop a feed supplement which provides a combination of active ingredients to aid stallion fertility.

Providing a balanced diet is imperative to breeding stallions, not only for fertility but also for the overall well being of the horses. Breeding stallions differ in their nutritional needs, particularly when you are feeding for fertility.  Nutrients such as Organic Selenium, L-Carnitine, Nucleotides, Yucca and Antioxidants have been widely researched in isolation for their beneficial properties on stallion fertility.

It is with this in mind that a trial supplement was developed to include all of these active ingredients to meet the specific needs of breeding stallions. Organic Selenium and fruit-derived Vitamin E work in synergy to aid sperm motility and structure and promote cells from free radical damage. Fruit-derived Vitamin E is particularly beneficial as it is 4-6 times more bio-available than synthetic forms found in most feed and supplements. Organic Selenium was used in the trial product to improve absorbability, and L-Carnitine an amino acid that has been shown to help with mitochondrial fat metabolism in sperm was included to help sperm motility. Nucleotides were added to the formulation as they are essential for DNA and RNA replication which is important for sperm cell reproduction as well as cell health, and promoting a healthy immune system. To help blood flow to the testis of breeding stallions Yucca a natural product that prevents inflammation was also added to the formulation.

The two-year research study conducted by Stallion AI Services used a sample group of both fertile and sub-fertile stallions which were fed the specifically designed stallion supplement over a six month period, in conjunction with their existing diet. Throughout the six month trial period semen samples were collected and processed for fresh, chilled and frozen artificial insemination (AI).

The samples were assessed for motility (%PLM), velocity and longevity. In addition, measurements of concentration and overall viability were carried out using a NucleoCounter SP-100. Fluorescent microscopy was also used to calculate the % live and the overall morphology of the sample.


During the two-year study the active ingredients found in Stallion SPM-20 have demonstrated the following increases:

  • Sperm motility by up to 20%
  • Sperm velocity by up to 33%
  • Overall sperm viability by up to 24%

Stallion SPM-20 can be used on semen for fresh, chilled and frozen AI.

Throughout product testing, Stallion SPM-20 has helped aid both fertile and sub-fertile stallions.

Throughout the study the trial supplement demonstrated a number of beneficial results which aided stallion fertility. The trial supplement helped to increase sperm motility and promoted cell membrane integrity thus aiding the sperm in tolerating conditions within the mares uterus, particularly following natural covering, as well as withstanding the processing techniques associated with preparing semen for fresh, chilled and frozen artificial insemination.  Stallions that produce semen with both good motility and viability, compared with stallions with lower quality semen have the best chance of successfully getting the mare in foal.

It will be of great advantage to stallions worldwide to be fed a revolutionary product that has been specifically formulated to help their fertility.

Feeding guide

Up to 400kg – half a scoop per day

400kg to 600kg – one level scoop per day

Over 600kg – one and a half scoops per day

For best results feed all year round and at least two months prior to covering/semen collection.

*1 level scoop 75mL scoop = approx  33grams

Analytical Constituents:

Calcium 3.1 %, Phosphorus 0.3 %, Sodium 0.5 %,Crude Protein 12.6 %, Crude

Fibres 12.9 %, Crude Oils & Fats 17.5 %, Crude Ash 23.6 %, Acid Insoluble Ash 9.6 %

Additives (per kg)


Vitamin E (Natural) RRR alpha-tocopheryl  (3a700) 7500 mg/kg

Trace Elements:

Selenium (Sodium selenite E8) 10 mg/kg,  Selenium (Selenomethionine 3b8.11) 5 mg/kg

Binders: Sepiolite (E562) 50000 mg/kg


BHT (E321) 1000 mg/kg


Oatfeed Meal, Omega Rich Oils, Wheatfeed, Lucerne, Yeast Products, Vegetable Oil, Sodium Chloride, Yucca Schidergia,

MSM.Citrus Extract