Feeding For Stallion Fertility

Feeding a breeding stallion has optimum fertility as a core focus alongside the goal of keeping him in best health. Providing a balanced diet is imperative for maintaining fertile and healthy stallions that look fantastic.

Key nutritional requirements for a breeding stallion can be met with a quality feed balancer partnered with high quality forage. However, we need to consider that they may need extra supplementation:

Key areas for stallion health

  • As A.I. is now popular in breeding programmes, good sperm quality, motility, viability, and velocity are of utmost importance to achieve the best chance of conception
  • Covering mares is a huge energy drain, so gut health is vital
  • Much like performance horses, stallions will not perform at their best if gut health is compromised
  • Breeding takes its toll on hindleg joints and limbs so it’s necessary to think about preventative measures for joint health and muscle repair

    For maximum fertility consider additional supplementation:

    • Antioxidants can help increase sperm quality and help reduce sperm DNA damage
    • Omega 3 for improved sperm concentration, motility, and viability
    • Vitamin B1, B3 and B6 play a role in RNA/DNA synthesis needed to create the sperm head
    • L-carnitine for spermatozoa maturity

    To aid health and vitality you can boost:

    • Beta Glucans, pre and probiotics for digestive health
    • Biotin to aid hoof health, particularly in the hind limbs
    • Nucleotides for both digestive and joint support
    • Amino acids AND a range of antioxidants to aid muscle recovery and repair

      Blue Chip Stallion SPM 21 Fertility Supplement

      Blue Chip Stallion SPM21 is the result of new research into powerful ingredients aimed at aiding fertility in breeding stallions.

      Its key benefits contain:

      Powerful Antioxidants - Melon extracts rich in superoxide dismutase (SOD), fruit derived vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium improve the quality of semen thereby increasing the number of semen doses available for insemination, and the spermatozoids survival at 24h and 48h after dilution for better fertilisation. These effective antioxidants work in synergy to aid sperm motility and structure while protecting cells from free radical damage. Fruit-derived Vitamin E is particularly beneficial as it is 4-6 times more bio-available than synthetic forms found in most feed and supplements. 

      Amino Acids, Nucleotides and Folic Acid - Necessary for RNA/DNA synthesis, nucleotides together with vitamin B1, B3 and B6 plus folic acid work symbiotically to form an important role for sperm cell reproduction as well as cell health and promoting a healthy immune system. L-carnitine (an amino acid derivative) is included as has important role in spermatozoa maturity and motility and has antioxidant properties.

      Omega 3 and 6 - Salmon oil and evening primrose oil provide a natural source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, linoleic acid, and gamma-linoleic acid; all essential for healthy sperm and may help improve testosterone production.

      Fibre, Beta Glucans and Yucca - Oatfeed, Wheatfeed and Lucerne are good sources of fibre included to aid gut health in times of stress such as covering. Beta Glucans and Yucca work together to act as a prebiotic feeding the good bacteria in the gut, combined with slowing the passage of food for a comfortable digestive tract.

      Biotin - Known for hoof health which is useful for the extra strain put on hind limbs during covering, biotin also helps to enhance sperm motility, alongside prolonging the survival of frozen to thawed semen for A.I.

      Recommended Blue Chip feed balancers for breeding stallions:

      Blue Chip Original

      Blue Chip Original is formulated to provide an optimum balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to meet your breeding stallions’ daily requirements to maintain overall health, as well as helping him look his best and obtain the famous Blue Chip shine.

      Blue Chip Pro

      Blue Chip Pro - If your stallion is still competing during the covering season then Blue Chip Pro will provide additional support with increased levels of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients as well as prebiotic MOS and probiotics to help maintain a healthy gut during times of stress.

      Amino acids and antioxidants will also support muscle recovery and repair.

      Recommended Blue Chip supplements for breeding stallions:

      Blue Chip Dynamic

      Blue Chip Dynamic - with extra stress put on your stallions’ joints particularly the hind limbs during covering, Blue Chip Dynamic will support bone, joint and surrounding tissues. Dynamic contains glucosamine HCL, an organic, bio-available form of MSM. Yucca, vitamin Cand E, plus a bone supplement which contains organic manganese, calcium, phosphorus, and silicon.

      In addition, organic zinc is known to be a vital component of the sperm’s protective formation, whilst organic copper is shown to have direct links to both semen quality and libido. These combined with organic selenium which is essential in the production of testosterone.

      Blue Chip Joint RLF

      Joint RLF contains Glucosamine HCL to promote cartilage metabolism, renewal of connective tissue & assists in the formation of synovial fluid. Can offer pain relief & encourage healing. Formulated with organic MSM aid muscle recovery, promotes circulation, provides building blocks for protein, tendon & ligament repair. Works with glucosamine, for stiffness & discomfort. PLUS, Hyaluronic acid, yucca, organic manganese, rosehip extract and vitamin C.

      Get extra help

      If you would like to discuss feeding tips for your stallion in more detail, please contact Blue Chip on 0114 266 6200 or email us on info@bluechipfeed.com

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