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BLACK FRIDAY OFFERS!  Buy any 2 feed products, GET 40% OFF the lowest priced item.  Buy 2 of the same product or mix and match.  Offer applies to feed balancers, super concentrated feed balancers and supplements.  Bulk orders accepted - a great opportunity to stock up! Feed Subscribers ... BLACK FRIDAY early access on Thursday 25th November. Check your emails for your unique discount code which needs to be used at checkout!  Offers OPEN TO ALL from Black Friday 26th November to midnight at the end of Monday 29th November. Discount automatically applied at checkout.  Don't miss our additional OFFER on Monday 29th November ONLY... Winter Champs Hoodie £15 OFF (see merchandise page). Discount code to follow.  ALL OFFERS END at midnight at the...

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Low Calorie Feed Balancer - NOW AVAILABLE to PRE-ORDER

BRAND NEW Low Calorie Feed Balancer NOW AVAILABLE to PRE-ORDER! 💛 Blue Chip Super Concentrated LOW CALORIE FEED BALANCER 💛 VERY VERY LOW starch and sugar - ONLY 9g starch and 3.5g sugar for an average 500kg horse💛 Combined with a small feeding rate, Low Calorie has 4 TIMES LESS non-structural carbohydrates than many other similarly marketed products Ideal for:💛Those needing a calorie-controlled diet without compromising correct daily nutrition💛 Those in light work💛 Those on field or box rest💛 Good doers with no additional health needs💛 Younger horses who are retired (before needing Senior) Formulated with:💛 Cinnamon to help maintain blood sugar levels and improve glucose tolerance💛 L-Carnitine which can fast-track fatty acids into the muscle cells, keeping metabolic function active💛 All you would expect from a Blue Chip feed balancer...

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The importance of continuing to feed a balancer during the grazing season.

Why is it important to continue feeding a balancer during the grazing season? We bust some myths and answer some common questions raised.   “I don’t need to feed a balancer in the summer as it will make my pony/horse fat” All Blue Chip balancers are low in calories (and all molasses free) and contain minimal levels of starch and sugar, with no added sugar. Diet balancers and those aimed at good doers (such as Blue Chip Lami Light and our Super Concentrated range) are especially beneficial as part of a calorie-controlled plan. These balancers support overall health, which can lead to improved mobility and burning of further calories.   For those on a calorie-controlled diet, Blue Chip can work...

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