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How can I keep my horse healthy during the COVID-19 lockdown?

How can I keep my horse healthy during the COVID-19 lockdown? For the majority of horses, grass, fibre and a suitable balancer will be enough to keep them healthy. Feeding a balancer is simple, quick and effective. Diet FEED FORAGE as a base to the diet as always, grass; hay/haylage and quality chaff if needed. As the spring grass comes through, even on forage alone your horse may be consuming plenty of calories, but they need their nutrients too. These can be fed safely with a low calorie diet feed balancer such as Blue Chip Lami Light or a choice from our Super Concentrated feed balancer range. PROVIDE PROBIOTICS to assist the good bacteria in working efficiently, maintaining a healthy...

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NHS discount now extends to Blue Light Card holders

Blue Chip extends all NHS discounts to cover all Blue Light card holders.  In tough times, Blue Chip are pleased to support frontline staff across all the emergency services and social care. Last week we announced discounts for those working in the NHS, and this now extends to all Blue Light card holders, or those with an online account. Tom Dalby, CEO of Blue Light Card, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic means that the NHS and emergency services are even more stretched than usual, and will be selflessly and tirelessly working to keep us safe, healthy and supported, often going into unknown dangers to do so. It’s times like this we value our blue light community even more.” Blue Chip are...

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