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#BlueChipGoesGreen Refills Launch!

What are Super Concentrated Balancers? Blue Chip have used the most advanced manufacturing processes to develop a functional range of super concentrated, nutrient dense, pelleted balancers. The super concentrated range contains everything you have come to expect from a Blue Chip balancer including; probiotics, nucleotides, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, alongside full hoof and respiratory supplements. Each super concentrated balancer is functional, containing its own specifically formulated ingredients. A reduced daily feeding rate allows a limited intake of sugar and starch levels, perfect for good doers and those prone to weight gain, without compromising your horse’s nutritional intake. What’s in the range? Calming – 3 powerful natural calmers; magnesium, chamomile and L-tryptophan Ulsa-Cool – Beta glucans to protect the stomach lining and...

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