Keep calm with Blue Chip this firework season

Keep Calm with Blue Chip this firework season


Firework season is just around the corner, if you have a horse with a nervous nature at this time of year, you may want to start thinking about how you can manage your horse’s stress levels.

Fireworks can lead to increased stress levels for certain horses, but there are some handy tips you can use to help.

Maintaining a similar routine can be comforting to horses, but you may need to make some small changes to limit the risk of injury.


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  • If your horse is particularly stressed by fireworks it is advisable to bring them in to the stable.
  • Horses who are stabled tend to be more settled if they can see a horsey friend in a stable nearby.
  • Playing a radio in the evening or even overnight can help settle horses and distract them from the sudden noise of fireworks. It might be worth playing the radio before firework season begins so your horse can become accustomed to it.
  • Nervous horses who are left out can get stressed and run around, risking injury to themselves.
  • Plan an evening and late-night check to keep your mind at ease.


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  • It is perfectly fine to leave horses out if they are used to fireworks or do not get overly stressed, as many are happy standing in a herd watching from afar.
  • For horses left out in the field overnight, check field safety and make sure they are well secured.
  • Horses left out can be occupied by the addition of piles of hay, so long as this doesn’t cause them to fight with each other over possession.


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  • Try to be aware when local events are planned, to help you feel less stressed yourself. Read local press, local social media pages, local noticeboards and listen to your local radio.
  • There may be far fewer organised events running this year, meaning your neighbours might take to their back gardens more.
  • A friendly visit to your closest neighbours, asking them to let you know if they are planning on having fireworks will help you plan, and help their understanding too.
  • Remaining calm yourself can have a very positive effect on your horse.


  • Be prepared in good time by feeding a calming balancer, a calming supplement, or having syringes at hand for the busiest fireworks nights.
  • Blue Chip Super Concentrated Calming Feed Balancer can be fed daily to help settle horses over a longer period of time.
  • Karma, Blue Chip’s liquid calming supplement, can be added to your horse’s diet on the day for additional calming benefits. As a liquid, it is quickly absorbed and of benefit to the horse.
  • Blue Chip instant calming syringes can provide an additional boost for horses who become particularly stressed. Feed one hour before needed. An additional dose can be administered 30 minutes later.


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