“Within 6 weeks, the change in Pip was phenomenal”

Beth Armstrong 1“Just want to say thank you! I have a 13 year old Welsh section C called Pip (Glynwyn Penelope Pitstop). After a wild and wet winter, the fields were destroyed and there was no grass. I tried everything to get condition on her. She was getting a conditioning feed 3 times a day and ad lib haylage that was just doing nothing, she looked awful.

Her coat was dull and she was generally an unhappy pony. I remember one day having a breakdown and sobbing into her neck because I couldn’t do any more for her. I considered selling her, thinking she would be better off with someone else.

Then, my friend recommended Blue Chip Native. Within 6 weeks, the change in Pip was phenomenal. She looked like a completely different pony. Her condition improved and her coat was gleaming. Thank you so much for making such good value, impressive feed balancers! I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you.” – Bethany Armstrong

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