With Blue Chip Feed for over 14 years

img397Katie was first introduced to Blue Chip Original at 4 years old. She thrived on it and looked fantastic, maintaining her weight throughout the long winter months. In 2004 she suffered a terrible hock injury which meant 10 months box rest. We were told she would emerge from her stable with lots of weight loss and basically look awful.Thanks to Blue Chip none of this happened, and she made a full recovery. Although the resulting scars ruined her showing career, we decided to retrain Katie and she began a new career in dressage.

At the age of 9 we started to feed Blue Chip Pro & later the Joint JRF also. She has had some great successes, winning the Beaverhall Elementary Championship, UK Riders National Novice Championship plus many others. Now, at the grand age of 18, she looks fantastic and is a great advert for Blue Chip. Many thanks.

Sue Bacon

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