Winter Care for Your Veteran Horse or Pony

As winter sets in, now is the time to really start caring for your veteran, as they, more than other horses can be affected by this change of season that brings about cold weather, fluctuating grass quality and longer periods of stabling which may lead to a drop in condition and joint discomfort; issues that are vital to keeping our veterans happy and healthy this winter.


The change in weather conditions can greatly impact upon your veteran’s health this winter

So how can we help them continue to thrive? The Blue Chip Super Concentrated Senior Balancer is the perfect choice of balancer to feed in preparation for this period, as each highly nutrient dense pellet provides all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in its 100% natural, whole-cereal and molasses free formula that your veteran needs to maintain condition, weight and health during the cold snap ahead.

Also, as a common problem with veteran horses is that they suffer from a diminished appetite, the fact that the Senior Balancer is so concentrated means it can be fed in as little as 100g per day to the average 16hh horse either as a tasty mash, from the hand or as part of your horse or pony’s daily feed making it the perfect option for our aging equines! We recommend that to ensure the correct amount of additional calories are provided to account for the extra energy your horse or pony will need to keep warm this winter, plenty of hay or haylage should be available as fibre is the most warming dietary component and its digestion will provide vital nutrients to maintain condition this winter. A high fibre chop can also be fed to further increase your horse’s dietary fibre content, and when combined with our Senior Balancer, you will really see the benefit this season!

Five Reasons to Feed Blue Chip Super Concentrated Senior Balancer

  1. Super Concentrated Senior Balancer contains Chaste Tree Berry extract as part of the CushinComboTM supplement as it has been proven to be
    I'm Blue Chip Too is thriving on the Blue Chip Senior Balancer

    I’m Blue Chip Too is thriving on the Blue Chip Senior Balancer

    particularly beneficial in maintaining correct function of the pituitary gland, which is beneficial to older horses as research has revealed that most horses over fourteen show signs of Cushing’s Disease.

  2. A full joint supplement is incorporated, which includes Glucosamine for cartilage regeneration and connective tissue renewal, MSM to provide the proteins necessary for tendon and ligament repair, Hyaluronic Acid to ensure correct synovial fluid viscosity and Rosa canina to reduce inflammation and promote all-round joint health in your veteran horse
  3. Nucleotides; the building blocks of DNA and RNA are present to improve nutrient absorption by increasing the length of intestinal villi, aid the immune response by boosting the number of white blood cells in the body to fight infection and also, improve recovery rates as they increase red blood cell turnover which is vital for carrying oxygen to working or damaged muscles and tissues
  4. All Blue Chip balancers include a high quality probiotic that when fed daily, balances gut bacteria, supporting digestive health by ensuring a motile, efficient gut which is vital for an older horse that may experience a decrease in digestive performance with age. Fibre digestibility is also increased by including a probiotic, providing extra energy for warmth this winter.
  5. Specifically tailored levels of organic zinc as well as linseed and soya oils, which are rich in omega 3 and 6 promote the growth of healthy skin and hair follicles, leading to a glossy gleaming coat, keeping your veteran glowing with health throughout these winter months ahead

So now you have your feeding regime sorted with the help of our Super Concentrated Senior Balancer, winter should be a breeze! Just remember, your veteran is more susceptible to suffering from the cold this winter so you should be aware that correct rugging and maintenance of body temperature is just as important – there is no point providing all those tasty extra calories to keep condition on if you are not helping to keep him warm and comfortable at the same time!

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