Why You Need To Feed A Feed Balancer This Winter

To keep your horse warm and in top condition in the winter months it is vital that they can make the most of what they eat.  


In winter grass contains lower levels of vitamins and minerals than it does during the summer months and many horses have restricted turn out. This means two things:



1)    The fibre in your horse’s diet should be topped up with fibre from other sources, such as hay or haylage.


2)    The vitamins and minerals in your horse’s diet should be topped up with vitamins and minerals from another source.


Fibre is necessary to provide your horse with the energy for warmth, growth and movement. Research has shown that horse’s energy needs are 40-50% higher in wet and windy weather*. It is essential that this fibre is correctly broken down in the digestive system. Fibre is broken down in the digestive system by enzymes produced by the “friendly bacteria” in the gut.


Adding a live yeast probiotic to your horse’s diet increases the number of “friendly bacteria” in the gut, so ensures that the fibre is digested properly and your horse gets the maximum benefit from what it eats. The best source of live yeast probiotic is a feed balancer, such as Blue Chip Original.  Blue Chip feed balancers contain 17% more live yeast probiotic than any other feed balancers available.


Additional Vitamins & Minerals should also be available in a top quality feed balancer. Blue Chip Original contains a high quality, complete vitamin and mineral supplement along with a hoof supplement and a respiratory supplement – all your horse need to get through this winter.


Tips for Winter: 

Add a bit of warm water to your horses water. Horses don’t like very cold water and very cold water will make their body temperature drop. 


You can achieve good condition without surrendering your horses calm temperament by feeding a high fibre, high oil diet. Oil coated chaffs are a great way to add extra calories to your horses diet (especially important for poor-doers and horses in harder work). 


Adding Blue Chip Original will ensure your horse will stay in top condition, looking and feeling healthy.  


Sugar beet is a great source of highly fermentable fibre that can help to keep your horse warm.  


Choose a good source of fibre, hay and haylage can vary in nutritional value. It is important to choose a good quality higher grade hay for horses that need help holding their weight in winter.  Try and feed early cut hay or haylage, this will have a greater nutritional value than a late cut hay. 


*Source: thehorse.com

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