What A Difference In Topline, Physique, Weight & Energy

Spread The Word is a 10-year-old gelding by Welton Crackerjack who events and also competes at advanced medium level in pure dressage.


Tester Ellie Hughes says,

“Spread The Word is a good doer and can lack sparkle but after three months on Blue Chip Pro I have noticed a difference in his physique. Before, if I wasn’t careful, he would tend to lose his topline and gain stomach weight. I slightly reduced the amount of high-energy mix and alfalfa I fed him and replaced this with a cup of Blue Chip morning and night. Since starting this he has maintained his topline and feels better than he’s ever done before. Since undergoing an operation on his elbow two years ago he’s always taken a little longer to warm-up and start swinging in his paces. Since I began feeding him Blue Chip’s Joint RLF I have noticed that he has loosened up a lot more quickly. I will definitely be keeping him on it.”


Blue Chip’s technical manager Vicky Ridgeway says,

“To meet the higher metabolic requirements of the event horse in full work we advise Blue Chip Pro as it supplies all the vitamins and minerals required for performance, together with a probiotic and prebiotic for full health, efficiency and a strong immune system. Blue Chip Pro helps the horse to make the most of the fibre in its diet and reduces the need for high levels of concentrate feeds. It is specifically formulated for the fit performance horse and will help Ellie to keep her horse in peak condition. We also advised Blue Chip RLF to provide nutritional support for maximum suppleness and long-term joint health.”


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