Western is an increasingly popular discipline in the UK. Many of the movements involved can be traced back to the days of the ‘Wild West’ when horses were tools of the trade for cowboys working large herds on extensive ranches. They needed to be agile, responsive and supple with a good temperament. The cowboy and his horse were a team and as such a style of riding was developed which has descended down to the Western Riding we know today. In the UK various breeds have been trained up for Western but it is the traditional western breeds of American Paint, Appaloosa and Quarter Horse which are best suited.

Today, the sub disciplines practiced in Western still reflect the versatility required by the cowboy’s mounts. Western Trail, where a horse and rider have to negotiate a course of obstacles surely and accurately: reining, with the spins, sliding stops and roll backs and Western Pleasure where the horse and rider have to be able to demonstrate the three gaits of walk, jog and lope in a steady, even and comfortable manner all reflect what was required from a good cow horse. Western riders are also required to ride one handed (so that the free hand is available to use the lariat).


The result of all this working history is that the American breeds have developed with a muscular physique and agility matched by few other breeds, The Quarter Horse is so named as it is reputably the fastest equine to cover a quarter of a mile from a standing start.   Blue Chip Pro is specifically designed for the fit performance horse, providing the optimum balance of vitamins and minerals to promote health and performance.  It is the ideal feed balancer for a western horse, promoting fitness, stamina, muscle tone and condition, combined with a powerful blood-building formulation, to assist haemoglobin function, essential for oxygen transportation.


Today’s Western horse needs to be able to move underweight transference, away from leg pressure and be supple through its neck, shoulder, rib cage and hip. They should appear relaxed with a natural head carriage.


As with other equine disciplines, some of the maneuvers involved, can put pressure on joints. Spinning, where the horse must plant one of its hind feet and pivot at speed, sliding stops, where the horses hind feet must come under its body and slide to a halt and flying changes are all requirements of an all round Western horse and as such they need to be fit and supple.   Protection and maintenance of the joints is therefore essential; Blue Chip Joint RLF provides the ideal support.  Each of the key ingredients in Joint RLf combine to maintain the health and flexibility of the horses joints, helping to ensure that a winning performance is delivered each time.


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