“At the end of June we went to Weston lawns for the HOYS qualifiers.  Unfortunately Dassler, Dennis and Timmy had 4 faults in their qualifiers.  Zelaleen and Foxy were 2nd and 3rd in the 1.30m.  Then it was off to the British Masters at Southview,  a fantastic show, with Zelaleen and Aminko.  I jumped my first world ranking class and just had 4 faults, so unlucky.  Four days later (Friday)  it was back to Southview for Newcomers 2nd rounds again with Dennis and Dassler, and Timmy, Foxy and Aminko to pop round the 1.30m.   Dassler was clear in the 1st round but had 2 time faults, and Dennis was clear, clear and 8 faults.  I was back again yesterday for Foxhunter 2nd rounds with Timmy – clear, clear and 4 faults.  Missed out on HOYS but I believe he’s got a Scope masters ticket.  Today I’m off to Keysoe2* with Foxy (Omane des Faux) Zelaleen and Aminko, and I’m hoping to qualify for the Grand Prix.  I’m hoping to take Dassler and Dennis to Addington for the Newcomer 2nd round on Sunday.  Attached a couple of pics from Weston Lawns, Dennis (Pewit Oitimo) and Dassler.”  Beth Vernon

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