Underweight Horse, Crawling With Lice & Cracked Hooves

Breeze arrived at the NAC; a bag of bones, crawling with lice, hooves cracked and broken, she barely had the strength to hold herself up. Our equine vet gave a very poor prognosis for her future and considering she was 29 years old we had little hope that this poor mare would recover from the years of abuse and neglect she had suffered.

However Breeze had other plans! She surprised us all with her tremendous courage and will to live and went on to make an astonishing recovery. Blue Chip Original was an important part of her feeding regime, providing her with all the necessary nutrients to grow strong healthy hooves ands a glossy coat. Her digestion improved greatly when Original was introduced. Breeze went on to live to the ripe old age of 34 and enjoyed every moment of her new life.

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