Truly Amazing For His Years


This may be a very strange thing to do but I really wanted to let you know how your product has helped my horse!!


I have a 29 year old ex-racing Arab, I got him when he was a very loony 14 year old! 6 years ago age seemed to be taking it’s toll and he was starting to get very stiff after being in overnight and generally unimpressed with life, I got to the point where I thought he’d had enough and was considering retiring him. I can’t remember how I stumbled across it but decided to give the Blue Chip Dynamic a go. Well within 6 weeks I had my horse back and I can only assume that it was due to this!


Now at 29 he’s still being ridden out 3 times a week, still jogs all the way with his nose in the air in true Arab fashion and still gives the younger ones a run for their money when I take him for a gallop on the beach! He’s truly amazing for his years and I’m so proud of him!


Unfortunately age has now given him wobbly teeth and he’s struggling to eat his hay so is on a hay replacer and I’ve just started him on the Blue Chip Pro feed balancer as I think it’s going to be difficult to keep his weight on this winter, so am hoping for the same success with that as I’ve had with the Dynamic. I’ve recommended it to so many people and I hope it gives them what it’s given me.


So just really to say thank you for such an amazing product.



Anna Shakespeare

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