Topaz – My Blue Chip Story

Dear Blue Chip,


I would like to tell you my Blue Chip story. My horse is Topaz and is 34 years old, I have had him since he was 6 months old. Together we have had a very successful show life winning many Veteran classes in recent seasons.


Over the years his breathing became quite bad to the point where he could not breathe and eat at the same time. So, in February he had a tracheotomy which improved his health almost right away.


We put him on Blue Chip because we knew that even with his poor appetite just the small amount of Blue Chip he needed would help keep him in good condition – it does and his coat is like velvet! Even in the winter months we are still able to ride him.  


 I have enclosed a couple of pictures to show you of him before and after the operation and Blue Chip.


Many thanks,
Jane Bellingham

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