Top Joint Care Tips from Tina Cook!

International event rider and Olympic Silver medallist, Tina Cook has competed at the highest levels in eventing so appreciates the importance of caring for her horses joints, and uses Blue Chip Joint RLF as part of her daily feeding regime. Tina shares her tops tips on how to protect joints effectively so you can keep your horse sound and competing:

  1. Supplement with a Premium Joint Supplement

You cannot always control the ground you compete on so training on a good surface is important

“The majority of competition horses will experience some form of join pain or soreness in their career, so it is important to give them a helping hand from the start” says Tina. “When it comes to your horses’ joints, prevention is always better than a cure and from the moment my horses come into work, they are all fed Blue Chip Joint RLF.”

Blue Chip Joint RLF supplies essential nutrients vital to joint health such as Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid and Rosa canina, and Tina says that she “trusts her horses’ soundness and well-being to this premium product”.

  1. Train on Good Surfaces

Excessive activity on hard ground can lead to a number of joint and lower limb problems which is why Tina is always conscious of the ground that she trains and competes her horses on. She says “You can’t always control the ground that your horse competes on but you can always control what they train on. All my horses are trained in an outdoor school which is regularly harrowed so it does not compact and provides a cushioned surface for schooling. When it comes to galloping and fast work, I stick to areas and surfaces I know have good quality grounding”

  1. Use Protective Boots

Tina is a firm believer that protective boots should always be worn when exercising your horse as they help to protect your horses’ legs, particularly during the show jumping and cross country phases which can be damaging to the legs when knocks occur or the ground is not in an optimal condition

  1. Have Effective Warm Up and Cool Down Methods

Warming up and cooling down is of great importance

It is important to warm up and cool down your horse every time you ride to help increase the blood flow to his muscles and prevent injury or undue strain. All the balancers in the Blue Chip range contain Nucleotides which are the building blocks for DNA and RNA and have many health benefits which include boosting red blood cell replication so that more oxygen can be carried to tissues and help to repair them if any damage occurs during ridden work or competition. Tina feeds the Competition Balancer, Blue Chip Pro to her horses as it contains Redjuvenate; A blood-building supplement with organic iron, organic copper, vitamin B12 and folic acid to aid oxygen transportation and ensure optimum fitness and recovery rates.

“By feeding Blue Chip Pro, I know that I can ask that bit more from my horses on the cross country and be reassured that they will still recover quickly after cross country, ready for show jumping”. To prove her point at Badminton this year, Tina and Star Witness had the fastest cross country time and jumped clear, moving her up the rankings from 42nd position to finish in 7th place after an outstanding performance from both horse and rider.

  1. Correct Shoeing

Additional stress on the joints can occur if the balance of the hoof is not correct. Tina believes that investing in a good farrier is “an expense that will pay off in the future” and also, by feeding Blue Chip balancers as part of her horses’ diets, she is always ensuring that they are receiving biotin, methionine, lysine, organic zinc and organic copper as part of the SoundHoof supplement which is included to help the formation of good, strong, pliable hooves

The Product:

Blue Chip Joint RLF

Tina Cook uses and recommends Joint RLF because of its high quality ingredients which include Rosa canina which contains a glycoside that helps maintain joint comfort by limiting the number of white blood cells allowed into the joint, reducing inflammation. Also included in Joint RLF are glucosamine, which is vital in cartilage metabolism, MSM, which provides the building blocks for proteins essential in tendon and ligament maintenance and also hyaluronic acid which helps to maintain the viscosity of synovial fluid. Joint RLF is the perfect option for horses and ponies of all ages and types of work to maintain mobility and assist soundness.

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