Three Horses Experience Wonderful Results With Blue Chip Products

Beau and Madison

Our ‘herd’ consists of three horses, Beau who is 4 years old and Madison (wearing his apple rug in the photo!) who is 16 years old, along with Prince, 27 years old, who has retired from being a riding horse (his choice!) Prince has been a different horse since we got him onto Blue Chip; he’s active, full of life and is lovely to spend time with.
Both Beau and Madison are fed Lami-light; Beau had a laminitis scare two years ago and Madison looked as though he could be developing problems in his back legs. They both went onto Lami-light, and there has been no further problems for either (though we’re taking no chances, they’re on Lami-light for life!)



Prince is on Pro and Dynamic, which we’ve seen make a remarkable difference to him. His joints are easier, he’s in excellent condition for his age and he’s a very lively horse with lovely body-tone. He’s got an amazing appetite and when he feels like it (tonight, for instance!) he breaks out into a spontaneous gallop! A few years ago he developed a genital sarcoid which grew very quickly to the size of an average melon. Two vets declined to take him on for laser surgery to remove it due to his age, but a third had confidence in his chances of getting over it. We’ve no doubt at all that his Blue Chip diet played a major part in his recovery. Wonderful stuff!



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