The Highs and Lows of Showjumping For Beth Vernon

What a week last week, nothing seemed to go right! We eventually arrived at South View on Thursday, and Beth’s class had started. Max (Mercutio) jumped well and finished 5th to qualify for the final on Sunday, then Beth started to feel poorly. Mex (Falaza) and Ellie (Cinderella Girl) jumped 1.25m, Ellie had 4f in 1st round, and Mex had 4f in the jump-off. On Friday, Zirina finished 4th (out of 100+) to qualify for the debut final. Ellie jumped in the power and speed, but Beth withdrew Mex. On Saturday Max jumped double clear, and came 11th. Zirina had 8f in the debut final. In the 1.25m Mex had 4f and Ellie had 16f. On Sunday, Max had 4f in his final, and Mex and Ellie were in the 148cm grand prix. Mex jumped amazing but just touched the last part of the combi to finish on 4f. By this time, Beth was really down and said “we may as well load up now and go home!” We didn’t, and to cut a long story short….. 3 rounds later Cinderella Girl was the champion! Highs and lows of showjumping!!!

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