The first feed balancer tailored to the needs of Native Ponies

native 101Native ponies are built to withstand the rugged cold weather and scarce grazing conditions; they are strong, durable and maintain their condition in times when food is limited. With domestication we have now brought these ponies out of the wild and into the show ring, taking them into an environment that is completely the opposite to their natural habitat. This can lead to many nutritional problems, particularly excess condition as these ponies are often provided a surplus of feed. Feeding Native ponies can be a balancing act between ensuring they are receiving all the nutrients they require to perform to the best of their ability without encouraging weight gain.  Blue Chip understands that this can be a difficult task for even the most seasoned Native pony owners and this lead to the development of our new premium feed balancer; Original Native.


Maintains Topline and Condition

Original Native supplies a comprehensive source of protein which in conjunction with exercise helps develop and maintain a nice topline and good outline. Original Native has been designed to maintain Native ponies’ natural condition without encouraging weight gain or weight loss. It provides the ideal balance of nutrients to ensure your Native pony receives a balanced diet. Original Native does not contain any molasses or whole-cereals and is low in sugar and starch, hence it will not fizz your pony.

Additional Oils & Organic Zinc

Native ponies’ coats are traditionally long and coarse, designed to withstand the unpredictable weather in Great Britain. Original Native contains a high level of soya and linseed oils to help improve condition and enhance coat shine. These additional oils have been included to help produce a soft, show quality shine on even the most dull, coarse coat.

Along with oil Original Native also supplies a good amount of organic zinc to help strengthen the hair follicle that is important for maintaining the strength of Native ponies’ mane, tail and feathers; improving the health of the hair and preventing breakages. Zinc plays a role in enzymatic action in the formation of keratin, improving hair quality on a structural level. Zinc also supports the oil glands which protect the hair, helping the coat to lie flat against your ponies’ skin. The organic zinc found in Original Native ensures optimal absorption and utilization combined with additional oils help ensure a healthy, scurf-free skin and a glossy, gleaming coat, with long strong mane, tail and feathers.

Highest Quality Probiotic

A high quality probiotic aids the health of the hindgut helping to maintain a balanced pH and therefore an ideal environment for the beneficial fibre digesting bacteria. The probiotic found in Original Native helps to improve digestibility helping your horse to get more nutrients out of the fibre they consume and as part of a double action digestive supplement promotes a healthy digestive system. As Native ponies are naturally good doers, Original Native fed alongside a high quality fibre will provide everything your Native pony needs for optimal health and keep your feed bill low.


Nucleotides are at the forefront of modern nutrition and are molecules that make up the structural units of DNA and RNA.  They are found naturally in the horse’s diet, however at low levels. All horses and ponies can benefit from the inclusion of nucleotides in their diet. Nucleotides also help to aid nutrient absorption which is beneficial to Native ponies on a restricted diet.

Complete Vitamin and Mineral Package

Original Native supplies all the essential vitamin and minerals for the correct functioning of the metabolic system, central nervous system, immune system, proper growth rates and bone strength, supplying your Native pony with everything they need to maintain health and meet their genetic potential. Blue Chip uses organic, chelated minerals where possible to ensure optimum absorption and effectiveness.


Native ponies have traditionally strong durable hooves, reducing the need for shoes. However as we take them out of their natural habitat and onto surfaces their hooves were not designed for, hoof breakages and splits can occur.  Original Native contains Blue Chip’s hoof supplement, SoundHoofTM,a comprehensive hoof supplement containing biotin, methionine, lysine, organic zinc and organic copper which are essential for the formation of strong pliable, good quality hooves.




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