The Evolution of the Feed Balancer

Blue Chip Feed Ltd is excited to announce the latest evolution in feed balancer technology with the re-launch of its famous balancer range, Blue Chip Original, Blue Chip Pro and Blue Chip Lami-light.

The most exciting developments have taken place inside the bags. Working with world elite nutritionists, equine scientists and feed production specialists, Blue Chip has pushed the boundaries of feeding to a new level to deliver the very best in nutritional care for the horse.


The new specification balancers exhibit an increase in overall nutrient density with three important additional features:


• The Blue Chip range is now manufactured without molasses or whole cereals, delivering very low starch and sugar levels.

• Blue Chip is the first company to include nucleotides across its range. Nucleotides are essential nutrients that are not stored by the horse and are involved in a number of metabolic processes, particularly gut health and function.

• Blue Chip now only uses natural, fruit-derived Vitamin E in its balancers.


To match the great innovations inside, Blue Chip have re-designed the products to be presented in vibrant new packaging, incorporating easy to read icons that enable the horse owner to select the right product at the right time.

Despite this increased investment in the nutritional specifications of the balancers, Blue Chip is maintaining its current prices to offer additional value to its customers. In addition, a Loyalty Card and point printed on each sack enables Blue Chip customers to claim a FREE Blue Chip product by collecting eight loyalty points.


To find our more about loyalty points click here


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