The European CCI** Training Update

“Taboo is being a star as usual; the European CCI** training is going well and I was recently invited to Royal Windsor to do a demo for them which was really good.  Taboo and I have completed his first CCI** at Houghton recently, a brilliant start with a fab dressage of which put me 7th on the first day; unfortunately I had a run out XC at the 8th fence, I was 3rd to go on the day of which myself and the first 5 horses had problems at the same fence, the rest of the section learnt by our mistake and went for the long route, typical although I’m sure I would have done the same if it was me! He trotted up fantastically the next day and was a star SJ, just the 1 down; an FEI steward came over and commented on what a fantastic horse he was so all in all a good event.  We are off to Catton next, then Salperton, Barbury CIC**, Wilton and then Hartpury CCI**.”

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