The Dressage Season Kicks Off For Dominic Wolfendale

Dominic and Laddie have been out and about quite a bit already this year, getting some fantastic marks.  Below is an update from Dominic:

“We started off by going to the High Profile show at Addington Manor to do our first Inter 1 and a PSG.  I had a lesson with Carl (Hester) the day before which really helped to polish up the last few things.  I finished 7th on 65.65% in the Inter 1, and it was a very hot class with a lot of big names in it!  Needless to say I was very happy, one judge had us on 67% which is high enough to be invited out internationally, so for our first go not bad really!  I felt the PSG was a much better test, but again finished on 65% which I thought was a bit low, but once again one judge had me on 67% so we are obviously moving in the right direction.

I then went to Myerscough College for the first Premier League of the year, well the less said about that the better!  It was just one of those shows where everything goes wrong!  The low-light shall we say, was the zip on my boot bursting with about 15 minutes to go before I was supposed to go in for my test!  I ended up standing by the edge of the warm-up for the next 15 minutes whilst my Dad and groom ran around like mad looking for insulation tape, which was then used to tape my leg into my boot!!  We where certainly setting some form of new trend!  The test was just so not ready, but with hardly any warm up I’m not surprised!

I started using the Blue Chip Joint RLF a few weeks ago, and as a complete joint supplement sceptic, I can honestly say I have finally found one that works!  Being a big moving big horse, Laddie puts his legs under quite a lot of strain, and often gets windgalls; however the Joint RLF has made a noticeable difference, and he is feeling so supple and loose at the moment.  It’s nice to finally find a joint supplement that actually works!!

I then had another lesson with Carl last week, and one tiny adjustment has made a huge difference.  I then rode a PSG in front of him worthy of 70% apparently, so I’m feeling much better about the whole Myerscough disaster!  Our next outing is the Winter Dressage Champs to do the Inter 1 freestyle, fingers crossed this time it all goes according to plan!

On a slightly different note my mum has started feeding her Endurance horse Blue Chip Pro as well.  She was out on Saturday doing 20 miles, which was her first competitive ride in nearly a year as the horse had been off-colour and generally not himself.  She came home with a grade one having completed the ride at 15 kph! Needless to say she is very pleased!  A fellow competitor also commented on how well the horse looked and asked if he was 9, when in fact he is 16.


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