The Bury Farm High Profile Show

“The Bury Farm High Profile Show started with my first ride on the lovely big bay who belongs to Felicity Norrie, Affinity Bay. We woke him up nice and early to make the short trip to Slapton . He warmed up really well and was listening and obedient through the test, he did have a little fidget in the first halt which lost us some marks but overall Team Finn were pleased. He strolled out afterwards as though he knew he was a total star. He then had half a tonne of strong mints from Angela & Felicity which confirmed his status!  Later the commentator announced we were placed in 2nd. Super result in very good company & Finn actually got to have a prance in the prize giving.  Meanwhile the wonderful Merri was arriving with her owner Judy Firmston Williams.  Merri felt confident and on side as we entered the decorated indoor arena,  we performed the Prix St George with confidence , however we had some mistakes in our changes this time which really hasn’t happened before so slightly frustrating… However I was encouraged by her relaxation in such an atmosphere. We finished 11th overall and that is very promising for the future. Merri celebrated with sugar lumps afterwards.

Team Finn were back to Bury Farm on Sunday to contest the Advanced Medium Freestyle and he and I thoroughly enjoyed riding to the dramatic film music put together by Anna Streeter (Fox Trot music) and floor plan by Ali Berman,  I was thrilled that it all went to plan even if we were almost late to halt at the last note of music…phew!  Again came the treats and as Finn strolled off with his fan club I went to find out our score.  71% secured First place and Finn had held his own in a hot class.












A video of Finn’s prize giving:

Bury Farm High Profile was a really good show and the sun even came out on Sunday.

Thank you Judy, Felicity, Angela my sponsors and of course Merri & Finn.

Today Monday the horses have had a well-earned rest.” – Daisy Coakley

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