The Bubble Story

Below you will find a story about Bubble from South Africa. Our South African distributor, Chevalete Supplement Distribution cc. have donated a bag of Blue Chip Feed balancer to charity that look after Bubble:

Bubble was oprphaned at the tender age of 6 weeks when her mom was hit by a car, and she was left standing next to her dying mother on the side of the road near Parys. HHCU responded to the emergency and little Bubble was placed into our care and custody 24 after the tragedy. The foal was not accustomed to human contact and was too traumatized to accept the formula that she desperately needed to stay alive.

With patience and perseverance we spent the first two weeks fighting to keep her alive. Slowly she began to trust and life became a little easier for everyone. At 10 weeks we realized that her protein levels were becoming too low to maintain adequate growth and we started to feed Blue Chip Balancer. The results were miraculous. Our weak, lethargic, woolly foal, perked up, her legs began to straighten and a new shinny coat started to appear. Blue Chip Balancer helped save our little Bubble.

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