The Blue Chip Online Freestyle to Music

Blue Chip Feed is pleased to announce their sponsorship of the new series ‘The Blue Chip Online Freestyle to Music’ hosted by Dressage Anywhere. The Blue Chip Online Freestyle to Music is a fantastic new concept to encourage riders to compose a freestyle test with music of their choice and perform this test in the comfort of their own home. All riders need to do to get involved is video their freestyle dressage test to music and send the video or YouTube link to Your test will then be scored by a List 1 British Dressage judge and your score sheet can then be downloaded from the Dressage Anywhere website.

Monthly competitions will be taking place up until August 2014 and a Championship Show will take place in October 2014, with fantastic prizes from Blue Chip throughout the series. This is a perfect opportunity for riders who lack the confidence to attend competitions or have young horses that are not ready to be taken out. For more information email or visit

If you would like to know how to go about choosing the right music for your horse, Blue Chip have created a video series where their horse ‘Blue Chip Forever’ performs to live music with Gaynor Culburn, providing expert advice on how to choose the best music to show off your horses paces.

To watch the Blue Chip videos on how to choose the right music for your horse, visits the following

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