The Blue Chip All Stars Academy: Episode 2 Preview

The first episode of the Blue Chip All Stars Academy premiered on Horse and Country TV on Sunday 12th June and received a fantastic response from viewers across the UK and worldwide. The riders were put through their paces by Pammy and Charlie Hutton in a selection of ridden tests, where they reviewed each rider’s technique and ability on their own horses before allowing them to ride the Talland schoolmasters later in the day.

The winner of the first challenge was 20 year old Issy Nami and her horse Gucci after receiving high praise from Charlie who said ‘I think she’s brilliant. I’ve just got a gut feeling. I thought she was keen, willing to learn, smiley and took on all the information. She was compassionate and humble, and knew her ability’. Issy was incredibly pleased with the comments and said ‘it was amazing, I felt in my element. I got some really nice comments – it was just great! All the riders gained invaluable experience in this task and took away plenty of things to work on from both Pammy and Charlie, especially Rhi who after having a lameness issue with the horse she intended to bring to the camp, had to bring her fresh off the track ex-racehorse Bob, who found the whole experience quite overwhelming!

The afternoon brought the second challenge of the day where each rider was tasked with riding one of the Talland schoolmasters, some of which had been ridden by Charlie at international level. Deducing which horses were the champions was all part of the challenge for the riders, with David gaining extra points for correctly working out who he was riding. The overall winner though was Lucy, who after not having the best morning riding her horse Bagel, completely turned it around, took on all the advice and rode brilliantly to be chosen by the judges as their ‘All Star’ based on her improvement throughout the day.

All the riders had their points marked on the leader board, which as the series progresses will be subject to change depending on who succeeds in front of the panel of judges. This week’s episode is due to air at 9pm on Sunday 19th June and will see the eight finalists watch a dressage demo and take part in a saddlery task, whilst all the while waiting on tenterhooks to see what Pammy’s next grilling will have in store for them!

Watch the trailer below to find out more!

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