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Rhoda McVey New Year Update

Fizz and I did a 14km hack on New Year’s Day with friends, and 17 km on 2nd Jan 2012 on our own – with a top speed of 40kph, averaging at 8.6. The average is slow as I got off to walk up some of the hills to walk off some of the Christmas excess – Fizz wasn’t even warm. Overall time for the 17km was less than two hours.

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Blue Chip Central Trec Group Winter League Results

Bev Stevens & Hooray 4 Henry The first competition of the Blue Chip Central Trec Group Winter League was held on the 12th November at Solihull Riding Centre. With over forty competitors on the day, the Blue Chip Unaffiliated Classes were well attended with lots of entries and the prizes including money-off vouchers, fleece hats and neck-warmers were very warmly received by the winners!

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