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Awesome Condition, Great Taste

Dear Clare, Blue Chip Pro keeps my horses in awesome condition. . They look absolutely fantastic, their coats shine and they have wonderful muscle tone and topline.  You can tell by looking at ther and riding ther that they are in peak condition. . Pro is not just great at getting them looking and feeling great, they love […] The post Awesome Condition, Great Taste appeared first on Blue Chip Feed | Horse Supplements & Horse Feed Balancers.

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A Sleek And Happier Horse

Pam Oates has sent us a fantastic feed diary. The improvements that Blue Chip Pro have made to her horse Lilly, are remarkable. Before the Blue Chip Challenge, Lilly looked “poor” and was “no beauty queen”, yet by the end of the 40-days Lilly’s weight improved, she became sleek and happier, and like “a young mare again”.

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