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Karma And AppleCalm Help To Keep Henry Settled And Stress-Free

Henry is our 13hh driving pony, and he is driven in a 4 wheel carriage and a 2 wheel exercise cart. Henry is fairly new to carriage driving, and even though he loves it, he has always been a bit nervous and spooky. We recently starting feeding him Blue Chip Original, and his coat is now in perfect condition.

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AppleCalm Makes Horse Calm & Easy To Mount

 “I gave Zirina AppleCalm 1 hour before warming-up, as she can be a handful when I’m trying to mount – previously she has spun round, and even reared up and gone over backwards, despite someone being stood at her head. After giving her AppleCalm, she stood perfectly for me to mount, with no-one to help!” […] The post AppleCalm Makes Horse Calm & Easy To Mount appeared first on Blue Chip Feed | Horse Supplements & Horse Feed Balancers.

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