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Blue Chip Original – Perfect for Weight Gain and Fussy-Feeders

This is my 16.3hh 6 year old KWPN. He quickly dropped weight this winter even though he was fed daily and well-rugged. He does a lot of hunting in the winter, and this year he hopefully will event. I chose Blue Chip Original because I had tried everything, and he just didn’t pick up or improve, and he is a really fussy feeder.

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Rescued Horse Recovers Beautifully On Blue Chip Original

Thank you Blue Chip. I wanted to share with you how wonderful your product is. This is Lottie, our 16 hh TROTTER X (then a 2 yr old ); I rescued her in a awful state and would cry when I went to see her. She was in such poor condition and she wouldn’t let me touch her or get close. She had really bad mud fever, the before picture was after her legs healed, before they were raw (I always say they reminded me of rashers of uncooked bacon). I had to dress and clean them 3 times a day and got kicked, bitten and cornered in her stable but I kept going, I knew that underneath all that...

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New Horse Thrives On Blue Chip Original

I wanted to let you know how good I think your product is. I have been feeding Blue Chip Original to my new horse, Maggie, since I bought her in August I have found this has made such a difference to her. She is IDX and looks so much better now! Many thanks for a […] The post New Horse Thrives On Blue Chip Original appeared first on Blue Chip Feed | Horse Supplements & Horse Feed Balancers.

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