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Dynamic and stallion fertility

In 2001 Blue Chip was approached by Tullis Matson of Stallion AI services to develop a supplement to help stallion fertility. When discussing the ingredients he required, Blue Chip realised that most of the ingredients were already in their joint supplement, Blue Chip Dynamic.Those ingredients include:


Organic zinc

Known to be an essential component of the sperm’s protective mechanism. It is beneficial to testosterone metabolism, sperm motility and sperm formation.


Organic copper

Shown to have direct links to both semen quality and libido.


Organic selenium

An antioxidant trace mineral essential for normal sexual development. (Intensive farming has dramatically reduced the quantities of selenium in European soil.) It helps to create the correct environment for sperm function and protection and is essential in the production of testosterone.


Vitamins C, D and E

Antioxidant vitamins known to neutralise free radicals.


Omega 3 and 6

Essential for reproduction and for sperm function in particular. They are known to beneficially affect sperm quality and quantity.


Cooked linseed

A natural source of Alpha Linoleic Acid (ALA) required for the formation of specific prostaglandlins.



For increased libido.



Rob Williams, Owner, Glenwood Stud International

“We have found DYNAMIC to be extremely beneficial to the stallions’ fertility. All the stallions standing at Glenwood Stud International (resident and walk-in) are fed DYNAMIC from January to the end of the covering season. Since feeding DYNAMIC we have not had a single stallion that has failed to freeze.”


Results from Stallion AI Services Before & After feeding DYNAMIC

Stallion Numbers Failed to freeze
Before Feeding Dynamic 22 8 (36%)
After Feeding Dynamic 27 4 (15%)




The Broodmare

Close attention to the care and management of the brood mare is of upmost importance to the success of any breeding programme. Broodmares maintained in desired body condition will generally breed more successfully and produce foals that are thriftier. Broodmares are fed Original to:


• Optimise fertility

• Aids foetus development

• Aid digestion and nutrient uptake

• Support milk production

• Maintain condition throughout pregnancy, lactation and weaning

Foals and Youngstock

Original’s small pellets are the ideal introduction to hard feed for the foal and can be fed from 3 weeks. Foals and youngstock will greatly benefit from the inclusion of Original in their diet to:

• Help maintian a healthy gut, even when the mare is in season – less chance of foal scours

• Promote steady, even growth rates.

• Aid the development of strong, dense bone

• Promote good muscle tone

• Promote a gleaming coat and healthy skin

• Aid the development of strong, pliable hooves

• Help prevent stress during weaning

Sales preparation

Pro will give you all the benefits of Original with:

• An additional prebiotic to aid the digestion of a higher starch diet

• Enhanced levels of minerals to enable them to cope with increased amounts of exercise

Johanna Vardon MBE ,The National Foaling Bank

“Original is invaluable. I have never had my mares cycling and covered so early and youngstock grow at steady, even rates, with good dense bone.”

John Peter-Hoblyn, Stud Managet at Shadwell Estate, who purchased an Acclamation yearling colt raised on Blue Chip Pro

“The colt is in superb condition and I am delighted that we managed to buy him.”

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