Stallion AI Services Tour & Interview

Blue Chip went to talk to Tullis Matson, the founder and managing director of Stallion AI Services, to find out abit more about the company and the services they offer.

Stallion AI Services are a DEFRA approved semen collection centre who have been carrying out artificial insemination for nearly 22 years.They freeze and export semen for the worldwide market.

In a year around 100 stallions will visit the centre for fertility investigations. Stallions visit for a variety of reasons, everything from fertility investigations to fresh chilled distribution. There are many reasons for the freezing down of stallion sperm for instance a stallion being castrated and wanting to carry on the breeding schedule.

At Stallion AI Services they freeze semen from the 10 rarest breeds in the country, 10 stallions from each breed including the Eriskay ponies – where there are only a few different blood lines left. This is a way to try and preserve their rare genetic blood lines for the future. Frozen semen has enormous opportunity for all stallions; insurance for death, disease or injury.

Collection from a stallion can vary enormously. In the summer it depends on demand of the mare owner. The beauty of AI is that stallions don’t need to be overworked. Collection every other day is normal for the fresh and chilled side. For frozen collections occur around 4 times a week but this can depend on what the stallions needs are. Some are best 3 times a week and others are better suited to 4. In the winter months collections will be carried out for 7-10 stallions a day and in the summer they can do up to 20 collections.

Stallion AI Services use Blue Chip Dynamic and have been using it and recommending it to their stallion owners for 7 years. They find it really helps with the semen quality as the essential Omega oils help with the sperm membrane integrity which in turn helps with mobility, fertility and helps with conception rates.


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