Sophie at Scope and Weston Lawns

“I went to Scope festival where I was 3rd on Stanhopes Good Friday, and 4th on Ocean Breeze in the 95 panda supreme prelim round out of 150 combinations.  This meant both horses qualified for the championship so we just went back to jump that where Ocean Breeze came 10th!

After I’d been to Scope I went to Weston Lawns to try and qualify their own amateur finals, which I did by Ocean Breeze getting 2nd in the 95 and Stanhopes Good Friday getting 3rd.  Then Stanhopes Good Friday was 2nd in the 1.05 and Lapaloma was 4th – she was very calm after using Karma considering she hadn’t been jumped for 2 weeks and gets very excited to be back out!”

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