“Since I started feeding her the Calming Balancer the separation anxiety has subsided”

Bryony“I had Rainy, Isabella and Spangle out showing last weekend. As you can see in the picture Rainy was calm and looked gorgeous and even bagged herself a rosette. Her outlook is remarkably chilled out. The show was full of hustle and bustle and lots of people wanted to stroke her etc., and she coped really well.

Since I started feeding her Super Concentrated Calming Balancer the separation anxiety has subsided, she actually didn’t want to come out of her very own little stable and wanted to relax!
The head shaking is not as apparent along with giving her a UV protection mask for her remaining eye. Her fading eyesight and perception means she’s knocking into things and it is becoming more noticeable but she just gets on with it.

I do my best to reassure her when leading and give her as safe as possible environment. She genuinely is a happy girl, I was watching her yesterday and she had a little play and a trot with her other friends causing mayhem!

The Spotty horse is Spangle, he is a 3 year old colt who is creating a lot of attention with his spots, all being well he will be my future stallion. He won a very strong class of mixed breeds to take first in coloured and first stallion/colt then to take Champion. He was so relaxed (I did give him some Blue Chip Calming Balancer too!) but as a young future stallion he was wonderful to handle. He has took first in our MHCGB classes too.

I have a class running all through the winter schedule kindly allowed by Patrington Mill show yard with all proceeds going to the Animal Health Trust. I will be focusing on producing Spangle and bringing the girls out flying the flag for their campaign, would you believe that Isabella the black horse nearly died last year – now look at her!

Here are the pictures with two of the judges at Patrington Mill. Also Isabella pictured – she is my little petite lady! She had severe gastrointestinal issues, prolapsed her rectum and was very ill indeed. As I hope you agree she has turned a corner and looks gorgeous, she has a lovely expressive trot and flagging tail!

She is Rainys best friend and I am hoping to get her ready for the Miniature horse shows next year, she’s nearly 3. They all have different qualities and when they are out everyone has their favourites – Spangle because of the spots, Isabella because she really is a scaled down petite miniature horse who is extremely small even against other miniatures and of course the lovely Rainy who is a very unusual colour and the visible disability.”

Bryony Gillespie


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