‘Scotty was getting dangerous to jump – now he’s chilled, stress-free and jumping double clears!’

Hardy has been in touch to tell us her story about her horse Scotty and how the Super Concentrated Calming Balancer has changed him for the better…


At the start of this year I began having problems with Scotty as he was getting too worked up when we were hacking and jumping. He had the winter off so I just presumed that it was a result of him coming back into work and it would blow over, but then even months after I was still having problems. He would gallop into fences and I had no control, and out hacking I would ask him to do simple tasks such as standing still and he would get stressed and start getting very agitated for no reason.

When I started taking him to shows, he would still just gallop and as he’s got a huge, scopey jump, it became dangerous as sometimes he would leap from miles away and leave a leg. He’s also very quirky, so trying to change his way of going is a difficult task and often it makes him quite stressed out. People had recommended calmers to me, but they either didn’t work or cost an arm and a leg and even though I wanted something that worked, I also had to think realistically. That’s when I saw the Blue Chip Concentrated Calming Balancer and it appealed to me as Scotty is always fed on a balancer so the fact it was both a calmer and balancer in one really made it worth the money.

It only took two weeks to see the results. Scotty became nice and calm when jumping and didn’t get stressed out when trying different exercises like he normally would. I lost a lot of confidence with him, but now I feel like I have really got somewhere. He has only jumped two BSJA shows but both times he has jumped double clear and remained chilled throughout!

Also, he usually takes a whole tube of sedative gel to clip his head off as he really hates it. I am amazed though that for the past two times I have clipped him, he’s stood without even a head collar on and let me fully clip his head!

I always get asked what I feed him and what do I give him to keep him chilled. I couldn’t recommend Blue Chip enough. It has changed him completely, for the better.”


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