Rhoda McVey Update

Fizz and I have had a busy few weeks. At the start of September we did a oneday L2 competition with a beginner as a pair – it’s good to encourage new peopleinto the sport – and we won. The following weekend we helped set up anotherTrec competition, and did three course walks of the PTV for the competitors,and then managed to fit in our second WHP competition. This time there wasnovice and intermediate classes and we did a clear round in both. Last weekendwe drove 130 miles north to take part in the celebrations for 60 years of ponytrekking/trail riding, which are the origins of Trec. This included a parade throughthe town with 35 horses, 100 people, a carriage drawn by 2 Cleveland Bays anda vintage car! Then the next day, we led out a 4 hour ride for 26 horses andagain paraded through the town with Fizz at the front!

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