Rhoda McVey Update

Photo by Chris Forbes

We had a busy week last week – new shoes for Fizz on Tuesday, and then sedation and a clip on Friday as we also had a busy weekend ahead. Saddle refitting on Saturday morning, and the saddler was impressed at how good Fizz is looking. Then a short format/indoor Trec competition on Sunday morning. Dilemma, the first obstacle was a mount from the floor…. decided not to do this obstacle due to just having had my saddle restuffed and balanced the day before, and that cost us the first place. However, it was a good second place by just four marks and I was delighted with Fizz on the rest of the obstacles. Then we headed home, via another indoor school and a jumping lesson from David Harland – with some good gymnastic grids, and then a short course with lots of fillers and a skinny to finish. Fizz and I had such fun, and are hoping the ice goes so we can get out and about again soon.

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