Rhoda McVey Update

It’s been a busy few weeks, getting ready for the season ahead. I took Fizz to the equine physio (Catriona Goulding) two weeks ago, just for a tune-up, and she remarked on what a pleasure it was to see a fit horse in such good condition, with all the muscles working and developed as they should be. Then yesterday I took her to the saddle fitter for a check (Donald McLellan), and he remarked that he didn’t often see horses so fit or in such good condition. A great tribute to Blue Chip too. We’ve been busy – a bit of Riding Club dressage, but three recent jump schooling sessions to tune us up too. One with David Harland, BS trainer, but last weekend with Eric Smiley the Irish Olympic eventer. Fizz and I absolutely loved that session; Eric is coming back in the autumn, so I’ve already told BHS Scotland I want a place again!

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