Rhoda McVey New Year Update

Fizz and I did a 14km hack on New Year’s Day with friends, and 17 km on 2nd Jan 2012 on our own – with a top speed of 40kph, averaging at 8.6.

The average is slow as I got off to walk up some of the hills to walk off some of the Christmas excess – Fizz wasn’t even warm. Overall time for the 17km was less than two hours.

I’m still looking for a new box, but I’ve been able to arrange to borrow a landrover and trailer, so we’re off to a jumping lesson this weekend with David Gatherer – the eventer.

Then we have a Kelly Marks Trec Competition at Muirmill on the 22nd January.

I judged for Dot’s Kelly Marks Trec competition last month and at the end we both rode her pony, Arthur, around the course. I was pleased that we both got 30/30 for the canter.

I entered the Kelly Marks at Brenfield before Christmas on one of their horses (Seamus) but sadly the road over the ‘Rest and Be Thankful’ was closed due to an accident on the snow and ice, so I got stopped half way and didn’t make it there. I can’t go to their competition in January, as we’d booked to go away for my husband’s birthday, but plan to go up in February and March.

I’m booked for the GB training weekends in February and April, both in Yorkshire, and am looking into the logistics of getting to Wales in May.
Fizz was clipped again on 19th December, and even from day one I could hardly believe how shiny her coat is. Normally clipped coats are quite dull, but the Blue Chip is just shining through on Fizz!

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