Rhoda McVey – June Update

Rhoda and Fizz have had a busy month, here is an update from her: “Fizz and I have had a good June, lots of lessons including some natural horsemanship to help us (well to help Fizz) not to get so excited during the PTV cross-country phase and a trip to Inveraray for a weekend competition on Fizz’s 12th birthday. I then headed off to Germany for a European Cup event in Bad Hersfeld, Hessen in the north of Germany. I went via Munich (in the south!) to travel with a friend and her horse. I borrowed a 17.1hh coloured French warmblood called Maurice – he couldn’t have been more different from Fizz. I also got special permission to ride my friend’s horse round the PTV at the end of the competition. She’d done the novice class, but I took Ifor (a Welsh Cob bred and transported from Wales to Munich) round the European Cup course. Truly a multi-cultural and multi-lingual competition! we’re off to the Scottish Championships soon.”















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