Rescued Horse Recovers Beautifully On Blue Chip Original

Thank you Blue Chip.

I wanted to share with you how wonderful your product is. This is Lottie, our 16 hh TROTTER X (then a 2 yr old ); I rescued her in a awful state and would cry when I went to see her. She was in such poor condition and she wouldn’t let me touch her or get close.
She had really bad mud fever, the before picture was after her legs healed, before they were raw (I always say they reminded me of rashers of uncooked bacon). I had to dress and clean them 3 times a day and got kicked, bitten and cornered in her stable but I kept going, I knew that underneath all that bad temper was a nice horse. I started her on Blue Chip Original the day that I got her.

Then this is Lottie now! Blue Chip has been our hero! She has been on it for over a year now, but I saw differences after 6 weeks.

I’d like to say thank you for this wonderful feed; Lottie is now 3 years old and the most laid back mare I’ve met. She is loving and kind, and my kids that are 16 months, 3 yrs and 7 yrs old, groom her and sit on her. I truly believe in Blue Chip and will continue to feed it. It works out weekly cheaper than a lot of other lesser feeds, and I now have 3 of mine on it and always recommend it to everyone as the wonder feed! Thank you again. The last photo was Lottie last week in March when we had the Spring weather and we managed to bath her.

Holly Steel


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