Reasons Why You Should Feed Your Horse a Balancer

Horse owners may consider giving their horse a feed balancer for many reasons. One of the most important being due to the dramatic change in the equine diet over the last fifteen years.

Other reasons to consider a feed balancer include:

  • Forage and pasture deficient in essential nutrients and minerals
  • Better condition
  • Less need for an array of different supplements
  • Tailored balancers to target specific problems
  • Easier feeding

Whole Cereal and Molasses Free

Feeding your horse a whole-cereal and molasses free feed balancer is the answer to keeping your horse healthy.

Horses were previously fed a basic fibre diet with oats if they needed extra energy. But we are now much more knowledgeable about the equine digestive system.

Horses are designed to eat small amounts of fibre often. This constant passage of fibre through the digestive system helps to ensure a healthy gut.


In the wild, horses will graze for 18 hours a day on a varied fibrous diet that would include different types of grasses, herbs and flowers.  Many pastures these days are ‘managed’ by us and have little or no variation in forage types. This is why balancing their diet with the correct level of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and probiotics will help to ensure the best possible health and condition, both mentally and physically.

Tailored to Your Horse’s Needs

Balancers also have the added attraction of being able to tailor your feed to bring out the best in your horse or pony. There are balancers suitable for all types of horses and ponies.


Light to Medium Work/Youngstock


An everyday balancer like Blue Chip Original is ideal for youngstock or horses in light to medium work. Added vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the horse’s diet ensures optimum health and well-being.


Native Ponies


Blue Chip Original Native is the first balancer made for Native Ponies. It contains a tailored level of probiotic to help maintain their natural condition.


Overweight/Laminitis Prone


A low calorie/diet feed balancer that is low in both sugar and starch should be considered for overweight horses, or those prone to laminitis as a way of prevention.


Competition/Veteran Horses


Balancers tailored for showing and competition horses may have added supplements to ensure optimum fitness and recovery rates.


Eliminates Need for Additional Supplements

Balancers ensure a nutritionally balanced diet,  keeping your horse healthy from the inside out. Many include supplements within the balancer, such as magnesium to help calm horses and other specific ingredients for digestive health. The Blue Chip balancer range contain a complete hoof and respiratory package, eliminating the need for additional supplements to be fed.

Blue Chip are the first UK based feed company to include Nucleotides in their balancers, these are the building blocks for DNA and RNA and have many health benefits. Blue Chip’s modern nutritional technology includes the highest quality ingredients in the most absorbent form, to maximise benefit to the horse.

Balancers Help make Feeding Easy

Blue Chip formulates balancers to make your life easy, with no need for an array of separate supplements, they contain everything your horse or pony needs to look in stunning condition, healthy from the inside out, with a gleaming coat, good muscle tone, hooves and top line.

All the balancers in the Blue Chip range are designed to be fed in small quantities, reducing the need to feed large amounts of hard feed, which can lead to digestive upsets and an over-excitable horse. The added pre and probiotic in Blue Chip’s Balancers simplifies feeding as well as saving you money!

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