Rachael Claridge update

“After a few false starts to the 2013 calendar Team Claridge had a great day today at the EGB Forest of Dean ride. Maarhabi (Charlie) was a star and completed the 67km course with a grade 2 due to having a low pulse rate at the end, 47bpm and a good overall average speed throughout the day. I have been struggling yet again with his saddle and finally have cracked it with a GFS synthetic, it is lovely and lightweight making our FEI weight bang on, which helps me achieve the 11st11 including tack. So today’s ride really was a good test because we only got it last weekend, and I have been exercising him in hand due to not having a saddle for the past 4 weeks (plus EHV stopped our training for a while as you know). The other bits of news from this week have been that my parents Blue Chip St Meubred’s ride went off without a hitch last weekend with 102 entries in Cornwall. ”

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