Rachael Claridge update

Adam and I took my retired endurance horse Prince Meliodas to the EGB Mynydd Machen ride near Newport on Sunday 5th May to do a 32km ride, which he sailed around at just under 14kmph. We also helped an injured rider who unfortunately got bucked off in front of us near check point two. The lady fell off backwards onto boulders as we rode down off a mountain – very nasty but thankfully she was ok but I’m sure she was very bruised the next day. Adam is off to Dartmoor on the 10th with his scout group for Ten Torrs. He will be joining me at Exford on Sunday where Maarhabi and I will escort a para-rider around a 25km route. Then we will stay on Exmoor and ride the Exmoor 80km class on Tuesday. I will keep you posted on our progress.

Best wishes, Rachael.

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