Rachael Claridge Competes at Forest of Dean Endurance Ride

I wanted to let you all know that I was able to compete at the Forest of Dean Endurance GB ride on Sunday due to there being a cancellation after being on their waiting list.

Charlie started off with a pulse of 36bpm and finished the 30km route on a pulse of 44bpm. We had a fabulous ride and the Easyboot Epics held fast in the sticky clay mud; Charlie loved the hills so he will have definitely increased his fitness levels this weekend ready for Wentwood in a fortnight, and Tresham on 1st April.

My parents training ride in Cardinham Woods, Cornwall went well last weekend with about 60 riders. They are organising another one at Colquite just outside of Bodmin next weekend. Mum’s horse Zar was ridden by their friend Roz Davis and she hopes to compete him next weekend and also at my parents Blue Chip St Meubred’s ride in Mid-April too, which is great to see Claridge horse representation at either end of the M5!!!

Kindest regards


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