Prone To Laminitis? Feed Blue Chip Lami-light

We’ve had our daughters pony for 4 years and feed him Blue chip lamilite. He is 18 and has borderline Cushings disease so is extremely prone to flare ups of laminitis so we have to be so careful! He loves his lamilite, and stands waiting and whinnying for his tea at 1pm! Even though he always has a full haynet! He has been fed lamilite since we bought him, so we know it suits him and keeps him safe. He’s not allowed any carrots/apples or treats, so his treat is a handful of lamilite! We have also started feeding her new pony Tubby lamilite as he is a good doer and has had laminitis in the past. He loves it too, and has been sound with no flare ups since we bought him a year ago.


Claire Turner

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