Pro & Dynamic Keep 23-Year-Old Horse In Great Shape

My Horse, Cabbies Hero (Jez) has had a busy life; he did BSJA as a young man and some eventing.

I purchased him when he was 15 (my first horse) so love him to bits but spoil him rotten!

He will be 23 in June and is fed Blue Chip Pro and Dynamic.

We compete now mainly at Dressage and last year at the ripe old of age of 21 we affiliated BD! Before that we qualified and attended the Trailblazers dressage Championships at Stoneleigh, which was a great experience. Since affiliating last year we have qualified for the Summer Regionals and attended two Petplan Area Festivals at Prelim and Novice.

We are now starting doing Elementary. He is a wonderful boy, a real rock and he loves fun rides, UK Chasers and two-hour hacks – escorting any youngsters out.

We have a fabulous trainer who always works him correctly and I hope you agree he looks as fit as a fiddle . I’m sure it’s due partly to your amazing products and his correct training.


Kind Regards,

Christine Watkinson


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