130,000gns Acclamation yearling colt. Purchased for 14,000gns as a foal.Healthy foals and young horses playing in the sun, graceful limbs and sleek athletic young bodies growing into the next generation of equine athletes are always a delight, but youngstock develop rapidly and good breeders know that it’s essential to feed correctly and avoid debilitating developmental diseases and abnormalities that can result from poor dietary management.


Blue Chip Original’s small, very palatable pellets are the ideal introduction to hard feed and Original can be fed from just 3 weeks old to promote steady, even growth rates. Foals and youngstock fed Original will develop good muscle tone and strong pliable hooves.


Original, which is crammed full of all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential good health, can also be really helpful during weaning. It contains the EU approved probiotic YeaSacc 1026 to maximise digestive efficiency and retention of nutrients, maintaining foals in exceptional condition, without resorting to potentially harmful overfeeding.


As youngstock develop, Original will ensure a steady supply of nutrients to support strong, healthy growth of athletically correct individuals ready to embark on successful ridden careers as they approach adulthood.


Sales Preparation and Competition Young Stock

Fed from weaning, Blue Chip Pro produces a well grown correct, sound, mature and athletic individual, with exceptional muscle tone, topline, dense bone and the glossiest coat, while avoiding the problems associated with over feeding. Research at Writtle College demonstrated sound bone formation needed an increased up take of calcium and phosphorus. Research a the Kentucky Equine Research Station indicates that nutrients in Pro can help maintain the correct calcium to phosphorous ratio.


The photograph shows the 130,000gns Acclamation yearling colt.  Purchased for 14,000gns as a foal. Fed on Blue Chip Pro, one mug full in each feed makes all the difference.  John Peter- Hoblyn, Stud Manager at Shadwell Estate said “The colt is in superb condition and I am delighted we managed to buy him.”

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